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1 Flat Tire
1.1 What caused my flat tire?

     Flat tires can be caused by numerous objects or circumstances in our area.  One of our primary causes is the Sand Spur or Cenchrus tribuloides Linnaeus.  These little seed pods can and will puncture your inner tube by embedding themselves in your tire.  If you ride any of our paths or trails in the area beware of these weeds along your route and if you see any in your tires, carefully flick them off your tire with some sort of tool.  We say carefully as they will quickly stick in your fingers.

     Another cause of a hole in a tube is riding with low pressure.  This primarily causes two types of flats, torn valve stems and pinch flats.

     Other types of punctures are more obvious and occur from objects penetrating the tire and making a hole in the tube.  Make sure you know what caused your flat prior to installing your new tube.

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